Our Mission

Our mission is to see transformation occur in individuals, churches and communities. In order to accomplish this, we seek to involve people who have a commitment to Jesus Christ and Christian values. We ask that volunteers be willing to work within biblical guidelines, modeling integrity in ministry. We recognize that for those we serve to genuinely know they are loved, we must show consistency, commitment, respect and unconditional love.

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I needed to learn more about Jesus and how much he loves me and teach me how to love myself and be forgiven. I needed a mentor…a group of friends to guide me through my new walk. I needed counseling to dig deep and tools to live a healthy life to heal deep rooted issues that were left unresolved…”
— Quote from a Sex-trafficked Survivor

Why Donate?

  • Women and children in YOUR community are being sexually exploited every day. This is a meaningful and tangible way you can do something about it!
  • Go green: give another bride an affordable and sustainable option for her special day
  • Make a lasting impact in the life of a survivor or at-risk teen
  •  Give that gorgeous dress the chance to give back--even again and again!
  • Raise awareness about the issue of human trafficking
  • Weddings are a beautiful picture of the true love everyone desires--and deserves. By donating to Adorned in Grace, you are providing an opportunity for someone else to discover love and hope as they had never thought possible.
  • Choose to let your wedding day be about more than just you through an act of selfless generosity
  • Encourage your wedding guests or friends to be socially-conscious by sharing about Adorned in Grace with them, and your plans to donate

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