Make a difference in the fight against human trafficking by giving the gift of freedom to those who need it most.



Make a difference in the fight against human trafficking by giving the gift of freedom to those who need it most.


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Provides Cleaning of a Donated Gown


Covers Mentoring Curriculum for At-Risk Girls


Provides a Gift Card for a Survivor With An Immediate Need


Covers Printing of Publications to Raise Awareness


Provides Professional Counseling for a Survivor of Human Trafficking


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I donate my dress/accessories? 
    We receive wedding gowns five years old and newer, formals, petticoats, bras, veils, hair accessories, jewelry, children's special occasion and other wedding supplies and decor. 

  • Will I receive a receipt for my donation?
    Operating under a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Adorned in Grace will issue you a receipt for your monetary or product donations.  The receipt for donated goods will not show the value of the goods; you (and your accountant) can determine that value using IRS guidelines. Please let the volunteer know the name and email address of the donor if you bring in a gown for someone else.  A downloadable form to attach to the product donation is included for your convenience.

  • Can I bring my gown to the shop?
    If you live in the Portland, Oregon area, you may bring the gown (five years old and newer) and formalwear/accessories to our shop at our west side location 4949 SW 76th Avenue, Portland 97225 or our east side location 818 NE Division, Gresham 97030 during store hours. In Tacoma, call 360-888-4921. Please remove the dress from its keepsake box and put it in a plastic or cloth garment bag.

  • Can I mail my donation to the shop?
    Yes! Please put the gown (five years old or newer) in a plastic bag to protect it from water damage.  Folding the sides of the skirt in and rolling the gown from bottom to top tends to work best (we will be able to steam wrinkles out once we receive your gown).  Then place the gown(s) in a box. US Mail and UPS are the best shipping methods.  Please do not ask for a signature confirmation, as this way they can deliver it any time.

    Note: sending gowns in preservation boxes is often much more expensive, so please consider removing the gown from the preservation box and shipping as described above.

    By filling out and including the downloadable form along with your donation, you will help our volunteer staff to correctly value your items for resale. If you include your e-mail address on the form, we can e-mail you a donation receipt, or you may enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope with your donation and we can send you a receipt in the mail. If you would also like to include stories, photos or letters of good wishes, we enjoy sharing those with our customers, and volunteers!

  • Do I need to have my gown cleaned before donating it?
    It is greatly appreciated if you are able to clean your gown. You may be able to economize on cleaning costs by indicating you do not need preservation measures, and by requesting a discounted rate due to your plan of donating the gown to this cause.  If arranging a cleaning is a challenge, you may simply include a check to cover the cleaning costs, which start at $50 for a wedding gown.

  • Do you take older or vintage gowns?
    We are currently only able to take gowns that are less than five years old.  

  • Do you receive donations from wedding gown shops?
    Absolutely! Adorned in Grace is the "go-to" place for donating your overstock, last season, or floor sample gowns.  Because of our incredibly low overhead, you can be assured that nearly all of the funds generated by your donation will be used for this important local cause. This is not the case for all gown-resale charities! In Tacoma, call 360-888-4921.  In Portland; contact or (971) 217-7001 to arrange a donation.



Your Unique Gifts Can Make A Difference In the Fight to End Sexual Exploitation


Your Unique Gifts Can Make A Difference In the Fight to End Sexual Exploitation

Adorned in Grace depends on the efforts of many volunteers

  • Sales Associates: Our greatest need is for Sales Associates, who have the delightful task of helping each happy bride-to-be search for her perfect dress.  The main qualifications are enjoying working with brides and gowns, and representing Adorned in Grace and its cause.  Each new volunteer is trained and shadows experienced volunteers to learn shop operations and accurate customer service. The volunteer is then able to sign up for shifts that fit within her schedule through our online system.

  • Community/business liaisons

  • Seamstresses

  • Inventory merchandisers

  • Event coordinators

  • Volunteer coordinators

  • Marketing/promotion consultants

  • Shop maintenance helpers

Our mission is to see transformation occur in individuals, churches and communities. In order to accomplish this, we seek to involve people who have a commitment to Jesus Christ and Christian values. We ask that volunteers be willing to work within biblical guidelines model integrity in ministry. We recognize that for those we serve to genuinely know they are loved, we must show consistency, commitment, respect and unconditional love.

To learn more about volunteering in any capacity, please email our Volunteer Coordinator at  You can also fill out our volunteer application online here.